Sunday, October 26, 2014

For The Sake of Updating

Well, hello, Assalamualaikum :)

As stated in the title, yeap, it's just for the sake of updating. Too many social networks and I can't keep up anymore. Too many passwords to remember that I have to reset every time I log in. Alzheimer much, huh?

Soooo.. I'm currently a Part 5 student a.k.a a third year student of law school. 3 more semesters, and I'm off. Whoaaa, time sure flies fast huh? I felt like it's only yesterday I entered law school hahaha.

During my semester break I went for an attachment program (required by the faculty) at Nazri Azmi Islinda. It's a law firm by the way, at Bangi. Okay, to sum up my experience, lets just say I actually felt sad to leave the office. I gained new friends there (hello Kak Azreen and Kak Izan!!!) and I learnt a LOT of things. Most memorable moment is when I get the chance to go to the court ALONE to present a case. Err.. it's mention on behalf (MOB) actually. I'm not qualified to stand before a Magistrate. So I had to ask for another lawyer's help. Thank you random lawyer! Another great thing, my pay is waaaaaay more than what is promised! Thank you Boss for the faith you gave hahaha!

So what else? I'm doing fine I guess, for third year. Well, there are times that I cried while doing an assignment due to overloaded stress and being scolded by my lecturer for asking too many questions for the assignment (yeah, like WTH?!) I'm hoping that this year, err semester, would flow smoothly, insyaALLAH. 

Till we meet again, goodbye for now.

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