Sunday, March 30, 2014

Keseronokan Law School

Hai, Assalamualaikum!

Lama betul tinggal blog ni. Almaklum sejak ada Dayre ni kan, lebih mudah nak update. HAHAHA. Okay back to story.

This might be a lil bit irony for me to speak of this, as I have no passion in law. Why I'm still here? Well, it's already my second year and I just need to survive another 2 years. No law school is no fun, really. Unless you have passion lah. But somehow I managed to find few.

1.Absurd Cases
    Main thing in law school, you'll have at least 500 cases to read in a semester. Well, that depends if you really read all those cases. As for me, NO. I'll only read the landmark cases and the ones relevant to my final questions which later explains my bad grades. The fun thing in reading cases is that, some cases are just absurd, especially in criminal law. There's more to criminal law than murder, okay. It's a wide scope. Some facts in the case are just funny and while you're reading you'll find yourself amused. Example, a provocation is not to be raised as a defence if the victim is exercising his right to private defence, thus the offender would still be liable. In a case I read, the offender claimed he was provoked by the victim, thus he is not to commit any offence. How can you claim you are protecting yourself when that person is also protecting himself? That is just ABSURD.

2. Getting Mad
     Well, I wouldn't really call this fun in law school, but somehow law school never fails to drives you mad. You can get mad at the tests, assignments, cases, tutorials and all sorts. I remembered getting so nervous and used up when I had 3 tests in a row (all required readings) and it is not a surprised I failed one of the test miserably. Expected the fail, but can't accept the fact, hahah. Getting mad is actually good because it keeps you occupied with the works and motivated to end it up as soon as possible. Where's the fun? The fun is when you finally finish all the works and satisfied with the result of your hard work.

3. Pretending You're A Lawyer
    The best part, you can pretend you're a lawyer, although you are far from qualified. You decide how you should handle the problems handed before you and crack up your head to solve. A huge amount of time is required to make the research but hey! This is an early practice before you really crack up your head. Mind you, your eyes and mind will be extremely tired from looking at the books and the computer. I literally lose my sight for 10 minutes as the after effect of looking at the computer for too long.

HAHAHA, I think this is the only fun in law school. You'll get bored and tired eventually but hey, no other course is easy. Every course has its own difficulties and it depends on you to solve it. Have fun in learning. I may hate law school, but I enjoy learning it. Okay, I hate the exams actually.

I'll have to get used to it every time.

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