Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Post of Appreciation

Hi, Assalamulaikum :)

I take time to appreciate other people, but I never really appreciate someone who really knows me inside out. I just wanna appreciate her before it's too late.

Dear you,

Firstly, thank you for always listening to me even when I don't speak. You always know how I feel, even by the way I reply to your messages/WhatsApp. You always know when I have lost my mood for the day and you don't even mind if I let it out to you. You were always there, whenever I need you. 2 am? 4 am? You'll still answer my call even if you're already sleeping and listen to what I'm about to say even though it's irrelevant and unimportant. Not everyone can answer a phone call at 2 am unless it's important and emergency.

Not only that, you're always the one who wipes off my tears without it having the chance to flow down. You always know how to make me smile again, even if I don't feel like smiling. Talking to you makes me feel better, in every way. You make me calm although I'm already having a panic attack. Sometimes, no words are needed from you but knowing you're there for me, helps me to feel better. Now, how many people can do that to you?

Lastly, thank you for loving me, like how I love you. Yes, I know we love each other soooo much, that there's no day we don't message or call each other. You'll still make time for me, even if you're already busy cramming with your works. You don't mind giving me a hug when you know that's what I needed the most. You buy me things, and yet don't ask for anything in return. I've owe you so much, I know. Again, thank you for standing by my side always, for having faith in me when I myself were feeling down and loving me endlessly. I may say I have 'best friends' but do know you're the one who sits at the highest place in my heart (well, just for the ranking of friends.).

May our nearly 7 years relationship last forever. I love you, and you know that. Thank you, YS.

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