Friday, October 25, 2013

Of license and outing

Assalamualaikum :)

It's very exhausting today. Although there's only one class today, which is just a tutorial, I haven't get enough rest. Ahhh.. student's life. Always busy, always tired. Right?

So, my Probationary Driving License (PDL) is expiring soon, on October 30th. But then we can renew our license 7 days before expiry. Right after class I went to JPJ Padang Jawa to renew my license. After approx. one hour...... say hello to Competent Driving License (CDL)! Yeayyy, I'm no longer a P license holder. Jyeahh. Sorry I can't post a picture 'cause there's something wrong with my USB. 

After settling which my license, headed to Setia City with Syaz. (tak sempat rindu dah jumpa semula. HAHA) Syaz's the one driving, of course. I don't even own a car. Sobsob. Had our lunch there. Unfortunately, I can't withdraw my money and it made me lose my mood TOTALLY. But knowing her, obviously I can't show my disappointment. How can I not be when I'm the one who's supposed to treat her today?! And of course, that means no shopping! :(

Had our lunch quite long, but very full! Happy tummy today! Yeayyy! Then we went to MPH, just surveying few books and I end up buying one! HEHEHE. A bookaholic can't resist one, can they? Since I ran out of few toiletries, went to buy some at the supermarket there. Aigoooo... simple toiletries also cost me RM40 ahh? I'm broke. :(

Anyways, thankyou my darling bestfriend for everything today. I even left my JPJ receipt in your car. Gomen!

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