Saturday, October 26, 2013

Diamond and Glass

Assalamulaikum :)

Guess I've gotten back to my blog ehh? Ahhh.. just pouring my heart out, no big deal.

"You're a diamond, while I, on the other hand, is a glass. But you are never ashamed to be seen with this glass in public even though you know she's cracked and waiting to broke into pieces. Thank you my precious diamond. You are indeed a treasure worth keeping."

Some might have noticed I posted this as my status on Facebook last night. I dedicated this status to my best friend, Syazliana.

You see, I never feel I'm very much compatible to be her friend. In any way. I commented on her wall, saying thank you for staying with this worthless glass when she can always stay among the diamonds. She'd obviously stand out whenever I'm with her. She had every thing needed in her life, while I.. AM LACKING IN ANY WAYS. I literally cried when typing that comment.

She replied, there is no double standard in our friendship. If I'm a glass, she'd be a glass too. No such thing her being a diamond or anything. How can I not be touched with such words? :') Even so, I said; well then, you'd be the expansive and hard glass, the tempered glass while I'll just be the cheap, easily broken glass. And again she emphasised on not saying such things again.

My roomie asked me, why would you compare such things with her? And I replied, how could I not be? She's a Straight As student, got accepted to the most envious Asasi UM and now a student in UiTM Shah Alam. Her course is something tough, Actuarial Science, which involved maths A LOT. For the past 2 semesters, she's a DEAN LIST student. Not a barely Dean List, but she scored flying colours. Almost scored 4 flat on her second semester! How about me? While she scored almost 4 flat, I almost dropped to 3 flat. Almost solid 3.00!

I didn't even score in my SPM. Did quite well during my law foundation and barely made it to the law degree. Luck, I guess. Alhamdulillah for the rizq and it's not that I'm not thankful. I am VERY VERY VERY thankful that I even got accepted to the respected law faculty here in UiTM. Ahhh.. I don't know. Humans are always comparing. We can't run from that I guess?

She's been so kind to me ever since, and I don't think I'd be able to pay her kindness in any way. Really, she's been helping me through my ups and downs. I still remembered I called her almost crying when I can't answer my final exam and the first thing she said before I had the chance to say anything is, "Kau jangan la nangis. Relax laa dulu," and few other times. I'm a crybaby, face it. She's the hard rock. But there is no way, in this whole world, I could be a crybaby in front of her. Never in my life. Why? She'd be scolding me first before anything happens. Hahaha.

This morning, I messaged her. I said please don't think that I'm a friend with benefits type. Yeah, ever since she had her car here in Shah Alam, I've been out with her few times. I don't want her to think that I'm using her for my benefits. NO! She replied jokingly, that I've been like that since forever. I tried to sulk, but no use. She replied this, " Kau nak merajuk, aku tak pujuk. Buang masa je merajuk." SEE? Got what I mean? I can't even sulk or get mad or irritated with her because never in her life would she coax me. Even so, she'd still be by me.

Thank you Nurul Syazliana. Thank you so much. :')

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