Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Appreciating Life

Assalamualaikum :)

I'm home. Yeap. Free from Law School for a month to do anything like a boss! Haha. I'm exaggerating, I know. Well, who wouldn't, right? I'm in a happy mood. Don't ruin it.

So yeah, yesterday I reached home around 7 pm. Absolutely tired because I didn't take my evening nap. Busy packing stuffs and online-ing. Hahaha. :D Finished loading my things and doing clearance by 4.15 pm.

What I wanna tell you was actually this. As I was scrolling my Facebook's news feed, I came across a group, where my friend, Justine posted something. Name of the group? R.I.P Daniel Jason Phua. Oh. My. Goodness! That is her brother! What do they mean by RIP? (Oh, it means Rest In Peace, in case you're wondering) What happened to her brother?

And, to my surprise, it has already been 3 years. And I just know it yesterday?? On his third year? Oh my. I am totally dumbfounded and speechless at that time. I messaged Justine (through Facebook, of course.) saying my condolences. I never knew before. Asked her the reason and she said it's because of brain tumour. Had it since 7 years old. That is such an early age to get such disease. I met him several times at school, before. He's a nice boy, always smiling with his friends.

It was The Star's yesterday's obituary section that Justine posted to the group. There's 2 links of blog. One is about his life, since born till the day he passed away. And the other is about his family's life after he died.

Making me realise, I should appreciate my life. I've been alive for almost 20 years, but what have I really done for my religion, my family, my friends and me, myself. Is the life I'm going through worthwhile? I wonder. I should get back to what I'm supposed to be in this world. A servant. Yes. A servant, who I think is very disobedient to her Creator. Allah, take me back to the right way. :'(

Here's the link. If you think of dropping by.

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