Sunday, October 21, 2012

Terkunci di Bilik Sendiri.

Hai, assalamualaikum..

It's been forever since I updated my blog. *nmpk tak hiperbola di situ Everything's been well here, even though there's few things that irritates me. Haihhh, life's not to be regretted right? So, there's this funny thing happened to me this afternoon. I'm quite amused actually. Haha.

I was from my friend's room actually and I went back to my room just to take my wallet and went to the mini mart at the hostel to buy the newspaper. Feeling happy and all, I went to the mart and bought the paper and an ice cream. :D While on my way back, that's when I remembered that my key isn't with me. I ran back to my room hoping I didn't lock my door. My room mate isn't in room, God knows where the heck she is. Unfortunately, it's LOCKED. Can u imagine how sad that was? :(

At first, I tried to unlock it using a card, by slotting it in between the door. But it doesn't work. I thought I remembered that I placed my keys on the table which can be easily reached if I open the windows. That frustrating moment when I saw the keys were on the bed, which is quite hard to reach unless u have something reaaaally LONG! So I tried again to unlock by using the scissors, but there's no use trying. I called the warden asking whether there's someone who can open the office's key (only the office has the duplicate key) and so he suggest to call Pn Sabariah. When I called her, she's not in UiTM and might be back somewhere in the afternoon (it was 12 noon, when I called her actually) or later. So, I waited at my friend's room next door and reading the newspaper. Getting bored, I tried again by using a broom but the broom isn't long enough. :( It was already Zohor and yet Pn Sabariah isn't here yet.

While thinking of a way to unlock the door, I saw my friend Nik had a mop in her room. (She lives a floor above me). Light bulb moment! I borrowed her mop, running back to the windows I've opened before and tried to reach the keys on the bed. It was long enough, but not my hands. :( I'm a shortie! I called Nik again asking for help. Alas, ALHAMDULILLAH! Her hands are "long" enough to reach my keys and I finally can unlock my door. Yeay! No need to wait for the office! It was 2pm by the time I can unlock, you know! Imagine how long I've waited just to open the door?? I should've asked Nik earlier. *sigh =.='

So, I texted Pn Sabariah and told her my "achievement" of getting my keys back. Haha. Ohh, my room's on the first floor, or as it really is, the basement. They call us "orang bawah tanah" as we need to went down the stairs instead of climbing it up. Haha. Right after I texted Pn Sabariah, she said she's on the way back to UiTM. See? I really shouldn't waste time waiting for others when I can find a solution on my own!

To Nik, thanks for being my saviour! Haha. I will never leave my keys again!

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