Saturday, July 28, 2012

Burrrp! Alhamdulillah. :9

Heyya! Me in Kuantan rite now. Can see Sekilau from here. Rinduuu especially Law G and A205. Oh, dgn A403 sekali! Why am I in Kuantan? Alahh, ayah ade iftar kat sekolah lama. Iftar tu ape? Iftar tu buka puasa la. :)

Since ayah is not joining us, so we went to ECM wif Mum's friend and had iftar at Sushi King. To be true, this the first time EVER I went to Sushi King (SK). I ordered Miso Ramen. Yummm! It's quite nice actually. :9 Then had few sushis and... again, I had to finish up my sis's food which is somekind of 'mee' covered in omelette. (I forgot the name of the dish.)

Tadaaa! Nice huh? The one in the box is called bento (lunch box). We went shopping earlier and bought few thing. I got myself a blouse. :D My sis bought this cute little thing.

Dun get me wrong. It's chocolate! :D So Kak Silah, I'll save few for you, (if possible :P) and hand it over later. Got it?

Tu je lah. Ceh, tetibe ending nak BM pulak. Last but not least, my beloved campus, UiTM Sekilau. Yes, kecik je. And di Sekilau ni hanya pre-Law sahaja. :') Rinduuuuu!

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