Thursday, April 5, 2012

For All The Women Out There

Salam all. How's your day? Hope you're having a really great day. :D

Well, since I've finished my foundation and currently having 5 MONTHS HOLIDAY, basically, I've nothing to do. So true! So, I decided to finish all the books I've bought with my RM200 voucher. :D Yeay! Happy me! (I am so in love with books. Spare me.) Currently I'm reading the Princess Trilogy. Okay, straight to the point cos I ain't bragging in the intro.

As a girl, or a woman, whichever it is, do you ever feel your rights are deprived? Most would say no. Wonder how it feels when you're not allowed to drive in the streets? Or, you need to be veiled all the time when you're going outside? Worse, to always be blamed and you have no say in any decision. Hard eh? If you wants to know how it feels, I suggest you to read the Princess Trilogy.

This is the first book. My mom bought it from MPH Online. When I first saw this book, I was wondering, a royal family story? Wow, that's great! Trust me, it's based on true story. (See the cover of the book there?) I flicked thru few pages and found that it was interesting! A story of the life of Princess Sultana, (the real name's been change, though) a Saudi Arabian princess. Lived in wealthy palace and country, she could have anything she ever wanted. Except one, freedom. It is a tradition in Saudi Arabia that men made the decision without women's interference. However, Princess Sultana is being rebellious and wish to change the tradition in Saudi Arabia. After reading this, I felt very thankful for living in Malaysia. :')

Ever since I knew it's a trilogy, I tried to search for the other two books. Fortunately I found it at MPH Seremban 2. Not thinking much, I simply took the books. Naah, not to worry because I've the voucher! Yeay! (Even though it turns out insufficient, later.)

This is the second book. It's about Princess Sultana's daughters, Maha and Amani. It's about how she handles her two growing up daughter, whom each had different interests and characteristics. A full-of-conflict story. I love it! She tried to secure freedom for her daughters in an unfair world. You will not resist this book. Have my words. And oh, you might find it with a different title, Princess Sultana's Daughters. It's the same book. :)

Finally, this is the last book of the trilogy. Again, it's about the women in Saudi Arabia. Living in the society where men rules everything, Princess Sultana stands up again to strive for Saudi women. It's a story of harsh restriction for all the women in Saudi Arabia and how they need to live in the unfair society with little rights and no decision can be made. :(

Read these books, and you'll feel extremely grateful to live with such freedom and you can choose how you want to live your life. I regret nothing buying these books.

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