Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mood: Finale

Salam people :)

Yes, see the title there? Me in mood of final exam.
6 papers to go. 2 passed.
Jyeah, BEL (english) je yg dah pass. On-going assessment kan.

Everyone seem depressed now.
I hate that situation. Seriously. Why?
Ok, me hate that too. So far, I've gotten for only 2 subjects.
Economics and CTU (agama). Both satisfying.
Alhamdulillah. :D

CTU: 43/50 (50% carry marks)
ECO: 32.15 (40% carry marks)

The rest? Me no idea. HAHA.
Well, pray the best for me yeah!
I'm trying my best.
Now eye-ing for BNM and Khazanah scholarship.
Okay, daydreaming! :P
Nothing's wrong trying. Hehe.

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