Friday, March 23, 2012

Intelligence Declination?

Hey :)

Yes, I know I should be studying for the most hardcore paper tonight. But I'd take a break for a while. ;)

So, what's with the title? Ermm.. I somehow feel that way. My intelligence is somehow declining. Or should it actually be said, diligence? HAHA. One of them. Either one. Before, I need not to read before the exam, I mean before entering the hall. That continues until Form 3. But since Form 4, I need to read before entering the hall. I still think that's okay and acceptable. But ever since entering foundation, I REALLY NEED to read before the exam. It's not that I didn't study, it's because I feel stressed everyone else is reading and I'm doing nothing.

I try to avoid reading before the exam because that would make me feel nervous and later I would be blank during the exam. And that was proven true! :( I do feel nervous if I read before entering the hall. But, then again, what else can I do? It feels as if I never read anything! I hate that kind of feeling, SO MUCH! D':

Ahh, maybe I should not think of others. I should focus on myself. Okay, back to studying. Bye peeps!

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