Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm a TYPE A girl!

This post tak menceritakan budak hot ataupun apa.
Hanya characteristics org yg mempunyai darah jenis A. :D

Okay.. sape rasa darah dia jenis A, angkat tangan!
Okay, boleh turun tangan skrg. Bagus2.
Nak tau characteristic anda? Meh baca.
Source: Twitter

  • Like to show their love to their lovers
  • Aggressive in relationships. They are not afraid to give their all
  • Seem very mature at first, but once you get to know them, they are quite child-like
  • May seem very popular, but feel lonely easily and cry when no one is around
  • Cannot hide their anger
  • Will not tell their friends about a breakup
  • have frequent moodswings (SO TRUEEEE!)
  • Hate being nagged at, even more than other blood types
  • Before they do anything, they usually plan it out in detail beforehand
  • They are conservative, reserved, punctual, patient and good with plant
  • The appearance of Type A and their personality are completely different
  • Type A pick fights easily
  • May seem like worrywarts, but adventurous on the inside
  • If something is not to their liking, Type A will not complain
  • Type A hold grudges, but slowly forgives those who've done them wrong
  • Are the most SENSITIVE
  • Make sure they keep their promises
  • Able to concentrate on anything
  • Usually suppress their anger; but then comes a day they might just blow up
  • Can be very stubborn and selfish
  • Stress over trying to make others feel more comfortable
  • Once they hate you, they'll hate you for life
  • Love unconditionally
  • They find it difficult to hide who they like and dislike
  • When they are happy, they are extremely happy and vice versa
  • They simply detest traitors
  • Get jealous very easily
  • When Type A say they love you, they really mean it
  • Type A are difficult to approach, but once you get to know them, they are very different from their first impression
  • When Type A get angry, they do not show it; they are not only angry inside
  • Within 10 seconds of mention someone new, Type A know if they will like or dislike that person
  • Type A are nice to everyone. If they dislike someone, they wouldn't even know. (org tu yg xtau kita xsuka)
  • Type A are demanding
  • Type A and Type O tend to be perfectionist
  • When Type A are happy, they smile and laugh a lot
  • Type A and Type O are sensitive to other's feelings
So.. this it. Agak2 ada yg sama, bagus laa. :)

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