Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gees Day Out :D

Tajuk tu propa semata-mata. Hanyalah rekaan. :D

Well, today.. as what have been told by Dr. J, we are supposed to go to Balok.
The whole class. The GEES. 
Ouh, plus TESL C AND LAW L. *hmmph

It turns out the other way we imagined.
It's frustrating okay! My, I was thinking why I AGREED at the first place!
There was a traffic jam on the way to Balok,
so the journey is longer than usual. Accidents.

We reached there almost 12, met up somewhere by the beach.
Then we take up some foods, and to say..
It's like we they never had food before. Sad huh?
I know it's free foods,but please. Behave like an adult! Okay?

Well, I managed to get some food. Thanks that Shida and Azhar was there.
I was able to hold the plates while they went to take the drinks.
Then, the whole class ate together. Like a gathering. *awww

Okay, say no more. See the pics.
We're not really having fun, but.. yeah.
I guess it's okay.

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