Thursday, January 12, 2012


Heyya! As everyone know, the result for MUET is out today.
At first, I was quite nervous and worried to check it out.
It's not that I don't believe in myself, just not too confident.

After being "forced" by my dearest roomates, I checked.
Err.. without their knowing actually. I secretly sent a message to 15888.
Guess what? I scored! Oh yeahhhh!
I jumped immediately on the bed, shouting like hell. HAHA.

Oooops! Not to be to happy, as I don't really trust the message.
So I waited until 9 am to check online. Guess what?

Why am I so excited? Becauseeee..
To pursue in LAW DEGREE a.k.a LLB, I need AT LEAST Band 4 and pointer of 3.00 above.
Alhamdulillah, I am one step closer towards it.
I guess ALLAH has showed HIS way for me. :D

Oh, before I check my result online,
I went to take the RM200 voucher.
Oh yeah.. I can shop! In fact, I have few targeted books.

Since my father is somewhere in Kuantan today,
which is very lucky for me, HAHAHA..
I had my lunch with him and yeayyy!
I got a wallet from Tropicana Life which I've been targeting since erm..
Last week, I guess? HAHA.
Wanna see?

Yeah, it's PINK. So what?
For me, it's cute. HAHAHA.

P/S: Amboi.. da dpt MUET result, terus speaking kau yaa. HAHA.

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