Thursday, December 29, 2011


Err..okay. I guess there's no need for any explanation.
Duhhh... look at the title.
I'm not in the mood of updating, but I guess I left this blog for quite a time.

Am currently having my mid sem break.
I'm doing nothing, except taking care of my siblings. 
(Fuhh.. naseb adik aku ada 2 je. kalau 10 camne? mati penyek!)
My activity? Assignments FOREVER.
I wonder why it haven't finished eh? *kalau da ngadap tumblr, jgn harap aku fokus!

Well, 2011 is not a good year for me I guess. 
I love 2010 more. :D

And heyyyyy! It's someone's birthday tomorrow!
You want me to wish ya?
I can do it, if you want.. I don't mind.
Ouhh, I forgot.. you've got him. :p

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