Monday, December 5, 2011


Well, hey everyone.

At last, got the chance to go to the clinic to check on my swollen left eye. =.='
Luckily there's no class, cancelled by both lecs.
Thanx madams! :)

The doctor said I have some kind of infection.
And, how the heck did I get the infection???
Bed sheet maybe? A possible thought.

Had some complication during registration.
How on earth did my card suddenly terminated??
PMCare said bcoz I'm 18 and my mum didn't update the card.
Eyhhh... how come? It's updated ok!
Luckily the guy said I can claim back my money later.

Guess how much? RM47!
Lucky the doctor, I just withdraw RM50 from my account.
I thought it was free. Yeahh.. bcoz of the card. TM should pay for me.

As expected, many medicine. =.='

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