Thursday, December 15, 2011

Economics + Water Problem = Stressed Out Like Hell!

Hey ya!
In this post, I guess I'll make some complaints. :S


I totally hate it when there's mass lecture with Group H!!!!
Especially when they were in class first. I want the middle seat,
where I can see PERFECTLY and at least, FOCUS!

But, last Tuesday, Group H was already in BK1.
And, I was like "Shit, asal dorg da ada? Mmg tak laa aku nak duk belakang kan??"
Still, there's nothing I can do to change the fact, that Group H is already there.
So, I choose the front seat, 5 people for 4 tables.
Zeeq, Hanny, Iffa, me and D'are. :)
The result? 
All of us make faces during the class as we have no idea what's happening in
the class. 
Zeeq even sang the "Bulat kecil, bulat kecil" song. HAHA.

I texted my housemate who's in Group H, asking her to teach me after class.
Thanx Tengku Intan Adlina. :)
(Okay, fine. Kau tak ajar sgt pun. Credit lbih jek dlm blog aku nih.)


Okay.. next complain!
This is regarding the water supply. =.='
I think there's something wrong with either the piping system or the water tank.
If there's 2 person using the bathrooms at the same time,
the other person will get very little water.
If unlucky, no water at all.
So, we really have to take turn to bath.
And... that's making us late to class. =.='

So, I make the conclusion that as early as 6 am,
I'm totally awake.
Duhh.. surely I need to wake up by 6! Subuh maaa. ;)
(Ape sengih2? Betul laa, kena sembahyang kan?)

After Subuh, I'll have my bath. Haha.
After all, I really need to wake up early.
I've my morning routine. It takes time you know.

Err.. guess that's all. Fuhhh.
My class is at 11 am today. ;)

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