Saturday, December 17, 2011

Craps in the middle of the night.

I was asleep just now, but I woke up coz I'm thirsty.
And after that, I can't sleep anymore. =.='

So, I end up here blogging. HAHAHA.
Sengal la aku niiii.

If anyone ever read my tweet or post in facebook,
it's all been about TIATA.
Must be wondering what is TIATA right?
I ain't telling you.

It's a code actually. But it's been broken by my roomate, Dee.
It's surprising bcoz I said nothing to her about TIATA,
and yet, she's been able to detect what is TIATA.
And now, the whole house know. =.='
Okay, malu gilaa sbb kantoi!

Whatever it is, I'm relieved they know what is TIATA
and the person responsible behind TIATA realised it. :D

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