Friday, December 2, 2011

Allowance and Tiredness! :S

Okay, finally the rumours are true. :DD
The allowance were banked-in and yeahh.. I have lots of it!!
Not gonna mention how much. HAHA.

At first, I don't feel like withdrawing any money.
But I had to. To pay my books. =.='
Pak Cik Rahim, when are you giving the RM200 voucher???
(Pak Cik Rahim here refers to Datuk Ab Rahim, 
Ketua Setiausaha KPTM, and he is indeed my uncle!)

Then went around ECM with Hani, Najwa, Mira, Anees, Sheril and Nadya.
We ate sizzling mee at the food court. I'm stuffed!
And heyy.. I met Hyun Joong's poster at the Face Shop! :)

After wandering around for almost 5hours, (I wonder what were I doing actually!)
I went back to the bank and settled my college fees.
Total: RM 600!
My money flew away just like that, additional RM200 for books.

Then, went to the terminal to buy the bus ticket for next week.
I'm coming home,now.I'm coming homeeeee! (pls sing the song! Hehe.)
There's MPH sale okay! I wouldn't bare to miss it!
Surprisingly, I met Sir Farid there.What's he's doing there?
I thought he has a car??

Finally reached home at 6pm. Having a bad leg cramp!
Urghhhh! I'm so gonna sleep early!

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