Sunday, November 13, 2011

Okay, I'm being over excited. Teehee. :$
Went to SAMURA yesterday with my dorm mates (Clouz and Shyries). We board fron TBS and straight to Muar. We reached at 12pm. We went to Wetex first and had our lunch there.

Such a feeling went I entered the school for such a long time. I missed the school. I had no time to wander around but it's a nice thing being with juniors. Met with all the juniors except Yuwwiee and Clofy.

As our bus is at 4pm, we were quite rushing (referring to Shyries and I) and we just spent time at the dorm. And whoa! There's a huge mural at the tennis court! Great job juniors! We didn't take pictures at all the murals. Only Sargeant's. :DD

Special thanx to Shaz Sar 1 adnd Diyzoe for the pictures. Good Luck for SPM!

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