Sunday, November 27, 2011

Semester 2.

It has been the hectic semester ever! Seriously! Back and forth to Padang Lalang? That is absurd! On Monday, specially. The best thing is, no night classes like before. There is, but not as frequent as before. We still have classes combined with Group H, but, I'm used to it. Teehee.

I'm getting closer with Hanny, Najwa and Amirah. HAHAHAHA. Okay, stop your crap. The thing is, I'm tired. Hilang semangat nak belajar malam2. Nak bangun pagi,takut pulakk. Hesy! Camne tuhh? Nak stay up, badan da lembik. Nak bangun pagi, seram pulak.. Huhu..

Joyyyy, kenapa laa kau umah len???

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