Monday, November 14, 2011

Sem 2 oh Sem 2 :(

Okay, I know I should be "jumping in the air" as the new semester is starting soon. But what's the point leaping with joy if your group members isn't the same anymore? It's a total different environment with different people. Okay2, I'm being hyperbole here but still.. Get my point? Urghhh...

Okay2.. forget about it. Focus on studies. Btw, I heard that my ex-schoolmate Farah is joining my group next sem. Ouh really? Hani told me Farah is serious in class. I feel like laughing! HAHA. Farah? Serious? OMG! She's so not serious!

Yuhhiee gave a glance of what she'll be taking next sem. Uh-uh.. it's much more scarier than I thought! There's even 5.00 credit unit for the subjects! Mine's only 4.00 credit unit. Wooooowwwww! AHHHH-MAZING! How lucky to be in law course. Teehee. :DD

I'm supposed to be emotional, but I managed it.

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