Friday, November 4, 2011

Result today and hangout!

Gotten my result today. Well, it's not that REALLY good or what, but for me, as a head start, it's quite satisfying. It's just few more points to get Dean's List (DL). Maybe I didn't try hard enough, that's why my result is like that. :(

My pointer is 3.46, which just left me 0.04 points more to get DL. Amin, who took the same course like me in Kedah gets 2.91. Whereas few of my classmates (as what I read in facebook) got below 3pointer and few excel and gets DL. I asked Yuhhiee this morning, but she seem a bit depressed. She only told me in the afternoon. Well, I was quite shocked to hear her result as she has always been on top of me since school. She's smart and diligent sometimes. I won't tell her result, but I know she will try her best in next sem. :D

Ohh, I went out wif my bestie from SAMURA today. ;) She studied in UM and just finished her finals. So, we went to KLCC to enjoy ourselves! Teehee.. :DD We went to Kinokuniya, bought some books and went home. For the first time, I don't have enough money in my wallet, and I'm not in the mood of going to the ATM, so I just paid with my debit card. Whoa! That's the first time and I'm quite if suddenly the card can't be used. Alhamdulillah, it went well.

We stopped by at Rotiboy and then went straight home as both of us (4 actually, but the other two is Syaz's friends) are rushing. Syaz is going back to Manjung for her semester break, and I,myself is going home. Haha. It's tiring, but we had a great hangout. ;)

p/s: I'm in the vampire and spooky things mood. I tend to seek such books. :B

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