Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bookstore is a bore!

Salam to all. :)

I went to Mid Valley yesterday, to look out for my parents' anniversary present. My mum asked for a watch from my dad as she lost her DKNY watch early this year. Ok, the best part is I drove from Nilai to KL! Wee~ 100mph you know! (kata lalu highway, mmg aa kena laju!)

Back to story, we bought a Bonia watch for my mum. Then went to MPH. Okay, is it so hard for me to get the last series of Darkest Power Trilogy?? I just need the last book! Don't you get it? Even the "great" Kinokuniya is out of stock! Not yet saying about Melissa de la Cruz's books! There is still a lot more to be collected, but there isn't any at MPH! Not at all!

I went to the PTS section, the same goes to it. No new books! It is so disappointing!

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