Tuesday, October 11, 2011


2 more days to go!

Gonna take MUET in 2 more days in Kuantan. Maybe at Sekilau, am not so sure but Efa said a name list has been posted at the board. Hopefully not in Padang Lalang lah. I don't think there's any transport and I ain't going to spend any money for cabs! Not at all.

My BEL lecturer IM-ed me just now. Asking about my MUET test. Said that I'm taking it in Kuantan. She siad meet her after the test and we'll go have lunch together. Best part, it's her treat! Hoorayyyyy!

Whatever it is, I'm kinda nervous. I'm worried about listening and reading but not writing. A lil bit scared on speaking as since I entered Samura, I rarely speaks English! Gets worse when I entered UiTM. Aiyoooookkkk!

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