Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tergugat, Stress, Menyampah!

Whoaaa! Emo pulak tgh2 final ni ek. HAHA.

Well,like the title itself, I am TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY annoyed, stressed, and yeah.. challenged! I truly hate this feelings and I can't get rid of it! Everybody seems so DILIGENT and I feel like I'm the only one doing nothing. I'll only be free of that feeling when I see either my roommates are sleeping or they are just playing around.

Another thing is when I am at the so-called-hall. The place is very open that even a sneeze can be heard by everyone! I tried my best, not to read at least 1/2 hour before the exam. But looking at everyone busy reading and discussing, it makes me feel very very annoyed and distracted. I don't want to hear or look at anything. Even SPM is not like this! Gosh, I am so STRESSED!

Like Kak Silah and Syaz said, " Yang kau tengok orang tu sape suruh! Buat tak tau aje. Takyah pikir orang lain pun."Well, advice is considerable. HAHA.

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