Friday, August 19, 2011

Speaking test.

Well, I had a speaking test, which, I'm very aware of it. Preparations? Nope! Hey, come on! It's speaking okay? Why on Earth you'll need to reads "the notes". Err.. okay, sorry for being a lil bit show-off or wateva you call it. Ain't going to care! Okay, lets start it.

I was in the 6th group, which makes my group is in the second round which is today! My team mates are Dee, Dayah and ... Haziq! Err.. before I did the test, I was the timekeeper. Ironically, I was the timekeeper for my own team! Guess what's the topic? FOOTBALL! Gosh! I know nothing about football, and I'm sure I've been saying craps through out the test. =.='

I think I'm repeating the points over and over again (hey, what else can you say about football, huh?) and the others are also the same. We made a great discussion except for Haziq that keep on agreeing with me ang kinda repeating point. HAHA.

Well, actually, I can't sleep.Insomnia is it? Hope it's not. Gotta do my work!

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