Monday, August 1, 2011

Before puasa and the first day of puasa


Hye all. A day before puasa is July 31, which means that...Baskin Robbins is having 31% discount for the ice creams! Yum2! So, I went to East Coast Mall (ECM) just to buy the ice cream. Hey, guess what, they had a new flavour, Super Soldier Swirl. It's kinda nice, though. HAHA. I asked for a free taste. :)

Trying to guess the flavours? Hehe. It's Mint Choc Chip and Cotton Candy. A combination of minty and sweet flavour. Both are my fav. :D

Okayyy, about the first day of puasa. It's been great thru out the day. After class, went to the bazaar. Bought nasi kerabu. Nothing happens much today. Just quite tired. =.='

TADAAA! Okeh, tuh jee.

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