Friday, July 22, 2011

Well.. it's the end.

Yeahhh.... it's already Friday! My.. that fast? Okay, just admit, it's not enough having a week holiday with tonnes of assignments. HAHA. I became lazy when I'm home but if I'm at Kuantan, all work would be done before time. Heihh.. =.='

Well, the assignments done can be counted, though. Aiyooo... how's this? And it's harder when u have group assignment and u can't even discuss! (Konon la nak skype and bincang.. aku tgk kau tak online pun! Pahal doeee?) Upcoming test and I only read half of the notes! Huihhhhh.... don't do this to me laa. Show some mercy, can u? Stop torturing.. huhu.. T__T

Okay then, back to work!

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