Monday, July 25, 2011

Weee. :DD

Congratulations to myself! :DD

Okay, sorry for not telling first. Before we had mid sem break, we had CSC test. Err, computer skill test. So, I predicted I'll only get around 80++ or 70++. But guess what? I'm among the highest! The highest is 94% while mine's 92%. To be true, I'm surprised! I got full mark for the essay part, 19/20 for subjective (I predicted this!) and 17/20 for objective. Overall is 46/50. ;)

Now, few more tests coming up. And yeah, wish me luck!

p/s: Ayah, boleh dpt ZYLO tak?

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cwasyzliana said...

congrats dear..baguih laa bakal lawyer m'sia..