Friday, July 29, 2011


Well, I guess this post is full of envy but at the same time, grateful! Greatest thanx to ALLAH as HE had made the best for me. Right here in Kuantan.

I read one of my friends' post, Syida's. She said that her 8A's means nothing just because her application for a scholarship is rejected. As for Syaz, her father rejected MARA's offer bcoz MARA only offer in-country scholarships. Well, Syida, if you're reading this, be grateful for what you have. Compared to me, you're just better! I admit it was my own fault to get such result but yeah, I regretted and turn a new leaf now.

To be true, I'm sometimes envy my cousin in Egypt and my friends that will pursue their studies oversea. Well, yeah.. it's not cheap to study overseas right? I only have the means to study in my own beloved country. My mum always said to study hard so that I can apply for scholarships for my degree. I will, but IF the offer is OVERSEA, I will reject it. I know ppl would say that it's a waste but rather than screwing up my life, I'd prefer a peaceful pace.

This is because after ASASI, I would continue straight to 4years degree. Compared to our seniors, they have to do 3years degree and a year of practical or something like that. And, for law degree or LLB., if we go overseas, then I'll have to repeat the 4years law degree in Malaysia in A YEAR ONLY! Now, get what I mean? If it's Masters, I don't mind.

So, the conclusion is, be grateful and don't envy other people. HAHA. :P