Saturday, July 30, 2011

Advocacy Skill Workshop && Shopping! :D


Well, today I had a workshop at Pahang Bar Council ( Pusat Bantuan Guaman Pahang), located somewhere in Kuantan. I'm not sure the exact place, but I'm ABSOLUTELY sure, it's very near to Berjaya Megamall. HAHA.

That's not the main thing. The workshop was SOOO AWWWWEEESOMEE! The talk was given by experienced lawyers that is Mr. Vasudevan, Mr. Kevin and Mr Taufik. Only we, the 10 students from UiTM Kuantan were "juniors". I mean it, JUNIORS. Like, we're only 18! The others are in their final year degree, or in a chambering and practicing laws.

I like the part that how to behave in courts. It's an informal workshop actually. So, we're very2 free to ask anything. Mr. Taufik did ask us whether we had our court trip yet, but we said no. We looked soo blurrrrr because we haven't gone to the court yet! And each of us were imagining how does it feelto be in court. Mr. Vasu explained about lawyers ethics. It's interesting. Mr Kevin's talk is about how to deal with clients. This is the best part! I loikkkeee! :D

After the workshop, went shopping at Megamall. Spent almost RM80- RM90. HAHA. And, yeah, I bargained the price of a pendrive from RM40 becomes RM25. Great isn't it? Come on, it;s only 2GB, not worth RM40. Bought some things from Giant and spent almost RM50. Walked back to Sekilau. Phewww! It's damn tiring!

And tomorrow, I want BASKIN ROBBINS!!!!!

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