Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ya, saya KEDEKUT!

Okayy.. like in my previous post, I spent RM120 just to repair my dear lappy. To be true, I feel very reluctant to spent the money. Like RM120?? That's A LOT! I can buy a lot of things wif that amount of money. Or at least 2 or 3 weeks for eating.

During CSC 134 class, the computer repair centre sent me a message. They said student price is RM120. I was like, "WHAT??? RM120? THAT MUCH? OMG!" So, immediately I call my dad to inform him. He said he will insert the money in my account.

On the way to Padang Lalang, I received a message from Bank Islam stating that I received an 'amount' of money in my account. I can't state how much, but it's much a lot than I usually receive. So after class, I straight away went to EC Mall to take my lappy. Not alone, of course. I'm with my classmates. I withdraw RM150 just for paying the bill. Then went to Carrefour to buy few things that is running out in my locker.
And again RM12 flew away from my wallet. Okayy, I know RM12 is not that much but that amount of money, can support for almost 2 days okayy!

This morning, I received a message from Bank Islam stating that the allowance is in. Well, who isn't happy, right? Quite a lot in my account. And yeahhh.. the Govt paid back for the fees that I've already paid before entering UiTM. WEEE~!

But, that doesn't mean that I WILL WITHDRAW the money. NO WAY! I mean, not for the time being. Of course, I do feel like spending a little bit of the money but I'm just too ....... Okay,u get what I mean. Ain't saying anything else. :p

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