Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My House - A403


How's your life? Doing great? Ngahaha,, it's because I'm doing very fine at UiTM Kuantan. No worries okay? Except for... I'm runnig out of money. Hey, I don't go shopping okayy. Plus, I'm not a shopahalic. I used the money for foods and books. Adoii.. it seems that RM200 wouldn't last till this end of month. =.='

Okayy.. life in UiTM. I haven't tell anything about it yet, right? So, here in Kuantan, we don't live in rooms. There are rooms, of course. But.. it's called HOUSE. Yeapp.. don't be surprised. My house is A403. My room A403(2). Bed no. 2. Haha. Anything, do come to my room. Okayy? I'll be available. HAHA.

There are 3 rooms in the house. 2 toilets and 2 showers. 15 in a house. 5 in a room. I don't have the pictures of it YET but I'll try to take some pics soon. We have a 'living hall' and that's where our study tables were put. It's also the place to lepak2 and borak2 and.. macam2 la. HAHA.

My house leader is Amirah Izzati or we call her Joy. Like her name, she is very cheerful and fun and nice to hang out with. She's from TKC. Our asst. house leader is Alia Nabilla. We call her Alia la kan. HAHA. From KL. Tak ingat which school.

Okay2.. I'm gonna nake a list.

1. Amirah Izzati - Joy
2. Alia Nabilla - Alia
3. Nadiatul Herlina - Nadia
4. Nur Afiqah Husna - Husna
5. Filzah Aisyah - Ija
6. Nor Anis - Anis
7. Nurhidayah - Dee (coursemate, housemate, roommate, bedmate!)
8. Nurshuhadah - Adah
9. Siti Nur Amalina - Amal
10. Wan Norshahirah - Wan/ Nor
11. Iffah Nabihah - Iffah
12. Nur Fazlina - Faz
13. Nurul Azyan - Nurul
14. Natasya Alya - Tasya
15. ME! (haha.)

So far okay laa. Cuma budak bilik 3 je tak campur sgt. Tak taulah kenapa. Tp if bilik 2, yg campur cuma aku ngan Dee je la. Bilik 1? Haha. Sume campur! HAHA. Itu aje la kot. :)

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