Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's supposed to be a sad news, but I'm quite relieved actually.

Well, the results for selection for JPK interview was out just now. Sadly, I don't get it. But somehow I felt a bit relieved. Yeahh.. to be true, in school I was once a Hall Bureau. It needs 100% commitment especially on Sunday nights. I guess this is some kind of Allah's clue and HE wants to tell me just to focus on my study instead of busying myself in such commitments anymore. HAHA.

Whatever it is, I accept what's been planned for me by HIM. There's something behind it, right? I want to talk more. There's a lot to tell but I'm just too tired. I miss SAMURA suddenly. I miss everything there especially my class n dorm. So does my dormmates. I'm signing out now. I need to do some research tomorrow.

Hoping for a better day. :D

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