Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ermm.. assignment dah menambahhhhhhhh...

Salam =)

Ngahaha... as you can see the title, that's exactly what I wanna say. ASSIGNMENTS!!! There's A LOT.I mean it, A LOT! Among the assignments? LAW 038,grouping. LAW 012, individual. LAW 016, coming soon. BEL 313,pair work. CSC 134? Err.. I dun think there's any.

Seems a little rite? But the due dates are almost the same. LAW 012 has 2 assignments and need to be hand out BEFORE 15 JULY. So.. what else? STRUGGLE! Plus study.. and college activities. Now tell me, how do I cope with this? HAHA.


I talked with my bestie just now. Ngeee~ it's been a long time. I said if she's not on a holiday this July, I invited her to watch movie together. :))

Rite, out. Need to do laundry and after that take a bath and .... BUY TICKETS!

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