Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interlok && latest news from MOE.

Yeahhh! Finally, after 3 days I finished reading Interlok but of course not the student edition! After reading that, sorts of thoughts came through my mind. I wondered how they really survived in the hardship, how they seek for any kind of jobs that would keep them survived in other people's country, how important the money is for them n sorts. It's kinda touching in the end of the novel. :'(

It start off with a Malay family. Then it continues with a Chinese family and alas, the Indian family. It sounds funny when this novel once became a controversy. It's nothing really. What we should focus on is the value in the novel itself. These 3 stories are related in the end and it shows the big value of friendship, kindness and helping others no matter what race or religion they are.

But, whatever it is, enjoy the values of the book.


Tadi kuar berita kat TV. Katanya diharapkan students akan ambil aliran teknikal especially yg cemerlang. Utk apa tak ingat but katanya selain utk 'tujuan' tu, MOE nak naikkan taraf aliran teknikal and vokasional ni. Memandangkan aku dulu kelas teknikal, maka kitorg satu kelas ni (5 TEGAS 2010) dah biasa sgt kena pandang rendah. Lagi2 kalau ada yg buat hal. Tp kalau yg pandai tu dipandang tinggi jugak laa.

Xtau nak komen apa pasal ni. But if ada yg nak kongsi apa2, blh tinggalkan komen. Xpun chatbox tu. :)


Dayana AZ said...

Ala missed the news la nachos huhu..

aish-nachos said...

its okay. dgr la berita malam ni. mst ada ulangan.