Sunday, April 17, 2011

Too much things,that I can't think properly.

Well,it's been a week I haven't been online-ing.2 bad news.No great news.Pathetic isn't it?Too much things to think and I feel like spacing out for a while.But then,thanx a lot to Syaz,Shyries,Kak Haz and Kak Pesz. :)

The first bad news,my dad broke his leg.Currently still being hospitalised and having his physiotherapy.6 screws in the bone to join back the broken part.He is still trying to get used with the 'tongkat'.I don't know for how long he will be hospitalised.So,I won't be at home frequently.Kinda nomad.HAHA. :D

Err..gambar bahagian operate xde la pulak. :p

2nd sad news,I wasn't selected for UiTM TESL interview.Maybe because I put that as my 4th choice.My top 3 choices were UIAM. To be true,I cried la jugak kan. :p Sape tak frust!Tetibe dpt tau,dah jd cmtu pulak.Alahai..da la tgh serabut.Nak lari pegi space blh tak?


silah said...

hopefully cu will quickly recover soon

azielee said...

Redha dengan ketentuan Allah