Monday, April 4, 2011


Hah!Pepagi buta ni teringin nak wat research sikit.Ngahaha.I came across UiTM website juz now.I was looking for the information on the courses I'm taking.While reading and searching,i saw this!

Agagaga..kenapa ada 2 je?Kenapa kat Shah Alam xde?Well,yeah..I did apply for Asasi Undang-undang.And I've went to UiTM Kedah before.Other than it's FAR,it's not located in the city!More to sub-urb!Ohh,shoot!No way!But as for TESL,

Err..okay,not TESL only.So,for those who did apply one of this courses,please be prepared to get wherever you're located! :)
Good Luck!


Dayana AZ said...

wahh! huhu :P

hnshzlkfl said...

nachos, kat shah alam pun ade law kan tu? except that the code is different which means, there must be a lil diff shah alam's law dgn kuantan and kedah punye.

aish-nachos said...

kak yuppiee:haah.code lain2.ade yg poly-tech mara punya.but pls,i dont wanna be in kedah!

hnshzlkfl said...

haha so choose la yg code shah alam tuu. insyaallah dapat :') kalau kat SA, law ade 2 sem aje. kalau kat kedah and kuantan ade 3 sem.