Saturday, April 9, 2011

I dreamt of sumone

This afternoon,I took a nap and I got a dream.I've been waiting an answer to a question and alas!I got it.I guess I knew the answer.I did pray for clues from Allah,but I beg Him not to give the answer thru my intuition.I don't trust my intuition much eventhough it is said that people born in October has strong intuition. :)

I dreamt of 1 of my dormmates.I had some kind of problem with her last year.I did talked and asked her,what's the matter.But there's not a sign she would tell.Indeed,she ignored me more than ever.It's more than 3times I apologised to her,but people said,when u have apologised to someone more than 3 times,and the person still won't forgive you,leave it to Allah.It's the matter between them and Allah.You've done what you should.

In that dream,I met her somewhere.She was talking to her friends.I came near,but dare not to approach.She turned back and saw me.Instantly,I asked,did she purposely stay away from me last year?She just nodded.I asked her,how about now?Are you still ingnoring me.Shockingly,she nodded again.I thought she had forgiven me.Maybe she DID,just that I don't know.I'll just pray for the best for her. :')

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