Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Xtau nak bg tajuk. :/

Hah!Banyak sgt benda jd sampai xtau nak mula dr mana.HAHA.Well, not that much actually.Okay,lets start wif the application for matrikulasi.

Few days ago,I opened the MOE website.Juz wanna check out for any infos.I clicked on the matrix web and opened it.I never knew we need to update it.(Or actually I was told before finish skool,but I forgot about it.)So I scrolled down for any updates.Guess what?We are supposed to enter our blood group.I never knew my blood group so I had to go to the clinic and checked my blood group.I juz got the result and my blood group is A. :)

Next..next..my JPJ test is on March 29th. Lama lg kan?Supposely byk mase lg nk practice but..xde keta manual kt umah.Kna laa pandai2 sendiri.HAHA.Jalan raya jek xconfident lg.Bahagian dalam ok.Wahhh! Aritu naik bukit sendiri.Without ade instructor.Awalnya takut.Lelama okay laa... :)

Till now,signing off.

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