Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To JB,by train

Due to the slow uploading pictures at Facebook,I decided to post it here.I was supposed to post this few days ago,but I'm too tired for that.We didn't have a nite there plus,it's not worth that much.So,we had a nite exactly at the boundary of Malaysia and Singapore.*to be exact,JB aja!Went to JB by train and arrived around 3-4pm.At first we stayed at The Puteri Pacific which is next to PERSADA n Plaza Kotaraya.

Adek bajet rajin :p

adek bajet macho

view dlm train

railway track

lawa pulak bangunan ni

JB Sentral

Hotel :)
And..and we found Cool Blog at JB Sentral!Waa..I miss this so much!Ada maskot lagi.Comel!

welcome in!

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