Monday, February 7, 2011

If I were to describe ... :)


Don't you think this 'thing' is cute? Rite? Well , I just think this character would describe me best . Yeah , I'm a chatterbox . I do talk a lot!

There's once , I talked wif Yuhhiee till 3 am , sharing our probs together . Ouhh . . . I miss that moment! To admit lah kan , pernah aja kena tegur supaya diam kejap walaupun seminit . HAHA! But the funny thing is , bila xbercakap (not in mood , to be exact) sibuk duk ajak bercakap . Heih .. =.='

And guess what , pernah on phone for almost 3hours! Ahaha . Lama kan? Well , mmg la crap aja but it's fun!

Anyone agree this LITTLE MISS CHATTERBOX suit me?

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