Friday, January 30, 2009


To be true..I am SO JEALOUS!Wif whom??My own cousin.Why?Because my aunt is closer to her compared to me!That is so unfair.Ok,have to aunt knew her first b4 me.But that doesn't mean that I can't get her attention rite?I love her..I mean as my aunt-lah.Eeee..hate this feeling.Erm..actually,I tried to make my aunt jealous,but it turned out another way.I'm d one who is jealous.Alaa..why,why,why?Why I must be jealous?Why I never feel this type of feeling to other people?Some people said that jealousy shows love.Is it true?Yeah..I think so.Coz I really love her!

p/s:I chose pink coz pink is my aunt's fav colour.

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