Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh Yeah! This is so UNBELIEVABLE!

Seriously,something really made me happy today.Why?I got my result today!!!And guess what?I got 8A's for my PMR!So UNBELIEVABLE!!!This morning at 10a.m. I went to school to take the result.It is almost 10.30 a.m. but the teacher are still upstairs.Dunno what are they doing up there in the office.We are all so nervous.And few Form 2 students are also there.Giving support la konon..actually nak menyibuk aja.Then at last,at 10.30 a.m. (or later) the teachers came down.Smiling and walking slowly like a snail..(GRRRR!!!!) Suddenly Pn.Azizah says congratulation to me.I was damn blurr that time and can't even think a simple thing.Then,Pn. Sabariah did the same thing.I was like "Huh?Tahniah kenapa ni ckgu?Sy xblh nk fikir apa2 dah.."Both of them juz smiled.After that,Pn. Umi gave a short speech (shorter than during assembly..haha) and commented a few subject has dropped and the candidates who got straight A's also are lesser than last year's.Why did this happen?Hmm.. Gonna think bout it later..

And at last,the time we have been waiting...the announcement of the results.12 students got straight A's.4 Malays and 8 Chineses.The 4 Malays are ME,KAUSAR,ELYSSA and AIDIT.The Chineses can't recall coz I don't care.After I've gotten the result I straight away go to my parents who are standing juz beside the stage.Seriously I didn't really expect diz.Thank GOD I was given a good result.

Farah got 7A 1B,Elynna got 6A 2B (I'm sorry 4 u,Elynna)..Hmm,I don't know the rest.After taking the result,went back to taska.On the way to the car,Kamariah called.She got 8A's!!!We were both excited.She said she's coming but I want to go back.I'm having a bad cough.In the car I called Aunty Katty asking my present as she promised.3 scoops of BASKIN ROBINS!YUMM!At first she didn't believe it.Then I told her it was true.But have to hang up the phone earlier coz she's working.Tried to call Cikgu Pat but she's not answering.Busy maybe.But then,she called me back that afternoon.Hehe..thanx cikgu.Cam tau aja kredit dah semput nk call cikgu..

My cousins Asrul n Syimir told me their result.Asrul (mum's side cuz) got 6A 2B..That's pretty good.Syimir (dad's side cuz) got 3B 4C 1D.Err..quite bad.He need to do better in SPM then.
We celebrated at Pizza Hut juz now.Oh yeah..i miss the lasagna there.Hehe..my bro starts sulking coz it's up to me where i want to eat tonight.Haha..well,if u want d same,do well in ur exams then!
Whatever it is,I wanna thak to all the teachers who had taught me since Form 1 till Form 3 especially those who taught 1 Anggerik(2006),2 Anggerik(2007) and 3 Anggerik(2008)..Thank you,teachers!!!

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