Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Absolutely WORRIED n SCARED!!!

Oh yeah..that is absolutely TRUE!Why?Results coming out,beb!Oh dear..I'm so,so,so,so,so WORRIED!After all,I've done my best rite?It all started like this...

My mum called this morning,informing me the date results came out.I was busy doing my 'MyPhotobook' that time.And I stopped immediately.Almost screamed crazily.Tried to call Aunty Katty,but she won't pick up the phone.Then I tried to call Cikgu Pat.Hehe..wrong timing laa..She's doing her shopping wif her family.Alamak!But don't care,still wanna tell her!The convo goes like this..

Me : Hello?Ckgu bz ke?
C.Pat : Hello.Ckgu kt pasar raya la..Knape?
Me : Result ckgu!
C.Pat : Hah?
Me : Result PMR!Ala..
C.Pat : Hah?Result keluar hari ni ke?
Me : Tak..
C.Pat : Habis?
Me : Result keluar 30!Lambatnya!Kata sblm Krismas..tu lepas Krismas!Ngade2 la
Kementerian ni!(blaming MOE for no reason)
C.Pat : Memang la dia kata lepas Krismas..
Me : Mana ada!Alaa..lambat la ckgu!
C.Pat : (laughing) Tunggu je la..
Me : Takut la..hisy..(i changed my voice this time.Kinda ngade2 a bit)
C.Pat : Ala..ok ja..

And we talked about few things including the subject of changing school,choosing class n blah..blah..blah..Craps included.. :p

After for about 7 minutes,I ended the call.If its not she said she's now paying the things she bought,I won't hang up the phone.It ended like this..

C.Pat : Eh, ckgu punya turn nak bayar ni.
Me : Ha,oklah..Pokai la jap lg.Tah brape trbg..
C.Pat : Haah..pokai2..
Me : (laughing)
C.Pat : Ok,assalamualaikum..Bye.
Me : Ok2..waalaikumussalam..Bye.

Right after that,i messaged Asrul(my cuz) n Azman informing them.Guess this thing is still new so not everyone knows bout this.Arrgghh..I'm so scared!Hope I can get 8A's..Aminnn...

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